Diesel Racer 2 is a multi-platform 3D racing game.

About the Game

Diesel Racer 2 is a 3D racing game for mobile devices, Android micro consoles and Mac.

Diesel Racer 2 does not have any special gimmick mechanics.

However, what makes it unique is the car physics, you will be drifting a lot…

Diesel Racer 2 is still under development. Many more tracks and features will be added in the future.

Currently there are 4 race tracks competing against 3 Artificial Intelligence controlled cars with two difficulty levels.

There is also support for split screen local multiplayer of up to 4 players at the same time(on micro consoles and Mac only).

The game costs 99c on most plaforms and is free on Google Play(for the time being).

If you chose to play the game please give feedback and participate in shaping and suggestion features and gameplay tweaks.

Diesel Racer 2


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