Pompi Video Editor.


About Pompi Video Editor

Pompi Video Editor is a quick and easy video editing app for Mac.

It has a spartan streamline for editing and you can make really quick edits really easily.

We strive to have all the basic features required for editing but in addition to have advanced and powerful tools(like slow motion).

Pompi Video Editor is currently available on the Mac app store for FREE! no in-apps, no ads.


Quick Guide

Most of the editing in Pompi Video Editor make use of the timeline multi slider.


The red slider is used to move around the video and the two dark grey sliders on the left and right used to set a range.

(Note: Some functions will not do anything if the sliders are not set properly)

Let us go over all the functions:

RotateRightButton_256 Rotate: This button rotates your entire video 90 degrees clock wise. It has no need for the timeline sliders.

MirrorButton_128 Mirror: This button mirrors the entire video around one axis. It has no need for the timeline sliders.

TrimButton_128 Trim/Crop: This button serve two purposes. When the left and right dark sliders in the timeline are somewhere in the middle, it will trim the entire to fit the range set with the sliders.
On the bottom right there is an option to set cropping for the movie. When you set cropping a dashed line will mark the cropping, but only when you press this button it will crop the movie.
(Note: If you set both the cropping and the range sliders, this button will crop and trim at the same time).

CutButton128 Cut Out: This button will cut out a part of the movie that is within the range sliders. If the range sliders are set to contain the entire movie, this function will do nothing.

SliceButton128 Slice: This button will put a blue slice mark on the timeline slider. It will put the mark where the red slider is currently at the timeline.
Every part of the timeline that is bound between two slice marks(or the edge of the timeline) is a clip and can be dragged and dropped using the left mouse button.
It can also be removed using the right mouse button.

AddClipButton_128 Add Clip: This buttons lets you append a new video clip into the end of your video. A slice mark will be placed between your current video and the new clip so you will be able to drag it around.

MixButton_128 Fade Transition: This button lets you add a cross fade transitions. It makes the transition between the part that is bound by the range sliders and the part afterwards of the same length.
If the part next to the range sliders is longer than the rest of the video, then the transition length will be shortened accordingly.
If you set the transition range to the entire timeline, this will not do anything.

AddWatermarkButton_128 AddTextButton_128 RemoveWatermarkButton_128 Composition: These buttons let you add a watermark, text or to remove them in order to create a multi layer composition above your video.
More details on composition later on…

SlowmotionButton_128 Slow Motion: This is an advanced tool. It will do slow motion on your entire video. It might take a few minutes to compelte. You will be able to see the progress on the bottom right of your window with the blue progress bar.
Once finished this will open a new document with your new video.

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